Personal Care (Bathing, Grooming, Dressing etc…)

Maintaining good personal hygiene is very important. It also helps seniors with their confidence and dignity. Some seniors have mobility or balance issues, making tasks such as bathing extremely difficult. Our caregivers are thoroughly trained in bathing, using bath equipment, and washing the whole body of their clients. Taking a bath or shower is necessary in preventing infections, and removes any bacteria on the body. Other hygiene services offered to seniors include dental and denture care, grooming, hair care, dressing assistance, basic skin care, nail maintenance and more.

Housekeeping provides a service that alleviates stress and allows seniors to remain living at home for longer. Your caregiver can provide you or a loved one with services such as vacuuming, washing dishes, laundry, dusting, bed making, sweeping, mopping floors, taking out the trash, and any other light housekeeping items you or a loved one might require.

We know that home is where the heart is, and that’s why our caregivers are happy to assist your loved one with daily household chores and laundry. These services can be done in either the client’s home or the Laundromat and include washing, drying, ironing and putting things away. Your caregiver will involve your loved one to make sure the laundry is done according to their preferences.

Meal preparation and eating healthy and nutritional food is such an important part of staying well, especially for seniors. We can help your loved one maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet. From meal planning to grocery shopping to the meal prep, our in-home caregivers provide meals that appeal to all tastes and dietary restrictions.

Being able to remember to take your medication every day at a certain time can be a difficult for many people, especially if one must take multiple medications at different times a day. Furthermore, if your loved one has Alzheimer’s or dementia, remembering to take medication becomes more of a strenuous effort.

Having someone to sit and chat with makes for a happier life and provides both our clients and caregivers with something to look forward to. Our companionship services can cover anything from a conversation to a shared meal, and many other activities in between. These services allow your loved one to maintain independence in their own home, and throughout all of their regular activities, with friendly support and assistance from their caregiver.

For many seniors, in home caregivers can help fill the void from losing a loved one, or living alone. Many older individuals lack the social and emotional care they need. By planning social outings and activities as well as exploring local events together, caregivers encourage social interactions and seniors have the chance to meet new friends. According to experts, seniors that maintain regular interactions with friends or family generally seem healthier or show a slower decline in their overall health.

Missing doctor’s appointments and difficulties with following doctor’s orders can take a serious toll on an aging parent’s health. Our caregivers can help your aging parent schedule and keep medical appointments as well as follow doctor’s orders.

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We provide a thorough assessment to provide a highly customized care plan for your loved one. We will discuss your loved ones medical history, dietary restrictions, allergies, likes and dislikes, interest, and hobbies.This will allow us to be prepared to provide excellent care.

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Trinity Home Care, LLC We realize that not everyone has the same needs. We will always provide a personalized care plan designed especially for your loved one. 

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